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Please phone us on 07425 164429 to arrange a viewing.
If you like what you see and are in a hurry to rent somewhere
please have the following ready with you when you come to view the house.
Usually we can check your references on the same day as your viewing,
give you a set of keys and you could be moving in the next day.

What you need to move in:

Two months bank statements for proof of earnings and affordability.
Photocopies of your passport and driving license should you have one.
NI number.
Date of Birth.
Previous two addresses with details of previous two landlords if you have been in rented accommodation
Current Employment and Previous Employment
This information is required from everyone who is on the tenancy, therefore if you are renting one of our family homes both partners will need to provide this information. C L Properties are governed by the Data Protection Act.

We ask for a full months rent in advance to move in plus a Deposit of £400 to £1000 depending on the type of property.
Charges for referencing are £0 for shared houses and £75 for full houses. This includes putting your deposit money into a government backed deposit scheme which is now a legal requirement of all UK Landlords.

Therefore if you wish to rent a room in a shared house at £300 per calendar month you will need
£300 being the first months rent plus the months adjustment to the end of the month if less than 2 weeks.
£300 deposit which we will put in a government backed bond scheme and you will get a certificate
to prove we have done this plus £35 to cover the cost of the deposit scheme.


If you move in on the 20th of the month, you will then need to pay up to the end of that month plus a month in advance, and start paying your monthly rent from the beginning of the next month. 

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